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I am known as: Body Wrap, Boubou Wrap, Lava-Lava, Manou, Sari, Sarong, Scraya, Bandana, Pagne, Pareo, Oversized Scarf and a multitude of other exotic names. I am internationally reconized as par-de excellance. I am made of traditional or modern pieces of Fabric. Any imperfections that you may find is guaranteed proof, that I am not machine produced.

My colours are of infinate choices and I can be worn in a multitude of ways: as a dress, a scarf, a belt, headress, beach mat, tablecloth and even as a decorative panel, or way out drapes (curtains). I am a matriomonal and lovers bliss, a gentle pull on a knot, makes me cascade. I am not prejudice, I am comfortable with any skin shade, to all fashions, to all personalties.

My names are synonymous with freedom of expression and will. Will you, therefore, wear me, knowing that I am serene, and I am here to simply. "Wrap your World"

"Wrap Your World in Style"




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© Ayaso   "Wrap Your World  In Style"